Diamond Couture



This is our Premium level of attention, offering the highest standards in cleaning, pressing, finishing and packaging. Ideal for your high-end, Haute Couture or everyday garments you are most fussy about.

Each clothing article is cleaned and processed individually. Z Cleaners is the only Couture Care Drycleaner in Arizona, which ensures consistent quality through enforced standards, and continuing education.

Clients tell our story…. Professionals, executives and business owners, experts in their fields… demand consistent high-level performance in every aspect of their busy lives and never tolerate excuses; they are successful, because they wisely choose the best products and services.

Z Cleaners aspires to meet and exceed your expectations.

Signature Cleaning Process

All items are dry cleaned and/or wet cleaned to gently remove oil-based and water based stains. Hand-cleaning of embellishments and vintage pieces.


For the most delicate of Couture or Vintage garments, we dedicate the resources and time for the fine Hand-cleaning and Hand-work necessary to deliver a perfectly cleaned or restored piece.

Precision Pressing

Linings, in-seams, ruffles, garment labels are pressed. Crisp pressing on the inside of collars and cuffs and shirt body. Creased sleeves of laundered shirts are standard.

Individual Packaging

All garments receive their own packaging. Suits and sets are matched together with imported custom hangers. Acid-free tissue paper for fancy and delicate items.


When Only Perfection Will Do

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