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We Look Good When You Look Your Best

Our front-end Customer Service Representatives are the dry cleaning experts in Arizona, and our services are wide-ranging.

Whether you need our Diamond Couture Attention for your evening or office wardrobe or Silver Everyday Service when at play, we are your go-to garment-care specialists.

A Recut, Alteration, or Fine Tailoring?

Z Cleaners is your expert resource for all your Dry cleaning, Laundry and Tailoring needs.

Your Clothing on Your Schedule

Z Cleaners’ Home Pick-up and Delivery service gives you the freedom to have your garments picked-up from your home, cleaned, pressed and delivered right back to your door. You can even have your pants hemmed, a sweater repaired or household items cleaned and returned with no fuss, no muss. Simply click on the link below or call:
602-CLEANER (253-2637)

For customers who are busily hurrying from work to sports practice for the kids, to the gym or social engagements, and you prefer a ‘trip to the cleaners’, you may securely drop off your Z Cleaners’ Laundry Bag at our store, any hour of the day or night.



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