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Z Cleaners makes it easy to keep items like rugs, drapes and duvets clean, bright and fresh. Our extensive knowledge of fabric care allows us to use exactly the right method to clean your items. Cotton, cotton blends, linen, silk, polyester and other synthetic fabrics all require distinct procedures.

In addition to fabric differences, the construction of household items including quilting, basting and fillings (feathers, down, and polyester) can present risks that require careful handling and increased processing time, including air-drying / hang to dry and blocking procedures.

Over the decades, Z Cleaners has created item-specific procedures, has built customized equipment, and has invested in specialty industrial equipment to achieve exquisite results, every time.

We will return your household items back to you cleaner and brighter than you could imagine.

All Fabrics Cleaned

Household fabrics vary in myriad ways. Some fabrics are pre-shrunk, some chemically treated, some made with fragile dyes, loose weaves, and/or tight weaves.

Trust your household items to Z Cleaners to ‘break the code’. We’ve seen it all.

Fresh and Clean Sheets

Slip into bed in your freshly ironed silky smooth sheets, there’s no better a feeling.

We will remove any soiling carefully with our pure solutions and smoothly iron your sheets to perfection.

Blankets, Duvets, Comforters

Wool, cotton, synthetic. Down filled, Polyester filled.

Large items like comforters bedspreads and Duvets respond better if you have the right sized equipment and protocols.

All types of bed coverings are a staple at
Z Cleaners.

Table Linens

Table linens require special care to look their best. The fabric must pre-treated by hand, cleaned and pressed.

Z Cleaners will professionally clean and press your everyday and fine table linens to perfection.


When Knowhow & Experience IS KEY

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