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Our skills are continuously honed and maintained as we stringently follow the highest standards in clothing care, from our expertly-trained team to our quality materials, tools, and facilities.

Our staff has studied at textile facilities in America & Europe to understand the best treatment for speciality items and fabrics. Not only does each tailor boast decades of experience in tailoring and fabrication, they also hold higher degrees and certifications in their field of expertise.

Along with our award-winning service, these elements culminate in a unique experience which has won us the loyalty of Arizona’s most particular clientele. If you have a gown which you will only entrust to the best, you’ve come to the right place.

Z Cleaners, Excellence Always.


Z Cleaners hand-cleans all our Wedding Dresses and we clean well beyond 500 wedding and formal gowns per year.

After pre-treatment by hand, your dress will soak in a warm, temperature controlled bath for up to 15 hours. This process allows soiling to release from the fabrics with no scrubbing, only an extremely mild rolling agitation.

We will take great pride in returning your dress to you luxuriously soft and brilliantly clean. Trust the best!

Alteration or Re-Cutting

There are no other Tailors in Arizona that can make the finest alterations to your gown or re-cut it entirely.

Our Master Tailors are Dress Makers and Suit Makers by trade.

On a short timeline? We will pull-out all the stops to achieve the results you want…and we can do it all from scratch.

Emergencies Happen

We reliably meet emergent needs for you or your wedding party.

Flight delays, venue changes, or unexpected garment failures. Out-of-state clients or those on a short time-line can rely on Z Cleaners to assist you in achieving your timeline, without fail.

After the Wedding

Let us assist you after the wedding by picking-up your gown, cleaning and/or preserving it and shipping it to the gown’s final destination.

All dresses are packaged and supported with acid-free tissue and a zippered muslin dust cover.

We use The Museum Quality Preservation Box™. It’s the highest quality heir-looming box, made with lignin-free board.

Thick, sturdy, and pest resistant. These boxes meet museum and archival requirements and will protect your gown for up to 200 years.


When Knowledge & Experience are Key

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