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Silver Everyday



Z Cleaners is proud to offer two-levels of Attention for your wardrobe. For garments that you are a little less ‘fussy’ about, our Silver Everyday Service is the perfect choice. With this level of attention, there is less hand-finishing, touch-up pressing and packaging. Yet, we employ the same cleaning and laundering procedures used with our premium Diamond Couture level of attention. You are welcomed to try this service for most garments, but it is most ideal for everyday work-wear and for that fashion statement you make when at play.

Pressing is where the lions-share of time is dedicated to your garment. To reduce this expense, Z Cleaners has prescribed a lower pressing standard for Silver Everyday Service.

Another source of expense that we can save you, is with our packaging. Like-items are grouped together and packaged in a single garment bag. We pass the time-and-materials savings on to you. Silver Everyday Service Attention, a great value from Z Cleaners.

Liability under Silver Everyday Service Attention is limited to the current value of garment(s), not to exceed $100.



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