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Pillows, Teddy Bears and More!

Just the ‘right’ throw-pillow is sometimes hard to find. Instead of spending time to hunt one down to complement your home decor, bring in your current decorative pillows to be refreshed. If they look a bit tired, Z Cleaners can clean and return them nice and ‘fluffy’ with every color brighter and every tassel intact.

Decorative pieces are non-standard household items and require special handling, including hand cleaning, combing of the tassels, and if needed, zipper or seam repair.

A treasured family Teddy Bear or Bunny Rabbit will be treated as family and will absolutely love its bath and sleepover at Z Cleaners! Gentle hand-washing will do wonders to restore it like-new.

Does it need a band-aid or minor mending? We can do that too!


If Only Cleaner & Brighter Will Do

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